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The 'Golden Ticket' Golden Ticket!

A "Golden Ticket" refers to a special team entry that grants access to the on-course games. When a team purchases a "Golden Ticket," it means that all members of the team are eligible to participate in these exciting games. This exclusive pass ensures that the entire team can join in the action, competing in the on-course games and enjoying the unique challenges and experiences they offer. The "Golden Ticket" adds an extra layer of fun and engagement for teams, enhancing their overall event participation and creating memorable moments on the course.

The 'Golden Ticket' option provides teams with a flexible choice for participating in the on-course games. By paying an additional fee of $75, all four players on the team qualify for entry into these games. Alternatively, teams have the option to pay on the day of the event, with a cost of $20 per team for each of the four on-course games. This allows teams to decide whether they prefer to secure their participation in advance or pay on-site for each individual game. Regardless of the chosen payment method, the 'Golden Ticket' ensures that all team members can partake in the excitement and challenges presented by the on-course games, fostering a dynamic and engaging experience for everyone involved.