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2023 Accepted Teams (Lick Creek Golf Course)
A total of 36 teams will be accepted for each shotgun. Check this page regularly for an updated list of accepted teams, or visit our signup page to register your team now.

7 a.m. Shotgun

  1. Team is not PAID!John L. Bowman
  2. Team is not PAID!Stephenie Bowman
  3. Team is PAID!Golden Ticket!Vilachai Tunyuck
  4. Team is PAID!Buy Gold Ticket!Mary Rearden
  5. Team is not PAID!Jerry Hasse
  6. Team is PAID!Buy Gold Ticket!Thomas Teufel
  7. Team is not PAID!Troy Guidotti
  8. Team is not PAID!Jennifer Tunyuck
  9. Team is not PAID!Jeff Barbee
  10. Team is PAID!Golden Ticket!James Eubanks
  11. Team is not PAID!Tanner Hasty
  12. Team is PAID!Golden Ticket!Larry Campbell
  13. Team is not PAID!Nick Campbell
  14. Team is not PAID!Michael Geier
  15. Team is PAID!Buy Gold Ticket!Steve Campbell
  16. Team is not PAID!Robert Askins
  17. Team is PAID!Buy Gold Ticket!Neil Griffith
  18. Team is PAID!Golden Ticket!Matt Taphorn
  19. Team is PAID!Golden Ticket!Dan Hayes
  20. Team is not PAID!Veronica O'Connell
  21. Team is not PAID!Joe Campbell
  22. Team is PAID!Golden Ticket!Rick Dissman

1 p.m. Shotgun

  1. Team is not PAID!Greg Domaszewicz
  2. Team is not PAID!Ryan Michaelson
  3. Team is not PAID!Bryan Cordts
  4. Team is PAID!Golden Ticket!Sean Horack
  5. Team is not PAID!Dakota Wright
  6. Team is not PAID!Stephanie Johnson
  7. Team is PAID!Team is not PAID!Gary McCart
  8. Team is not PAID!Kyndall Zander
  9. Team is not PAID!Trent McClain
  10. Team is PAID!Golden Ticket!Bill Calvert
  11. Team is not PAID!Don Johnson
  12. Team is not PAID!Bob Johnson
  13. Team is not PAID!Scott A Kline
  14. Team is not PAID!Sean webb
  15. Team is not PAID!Brad Johnson
  16. Team is PAID!Golden Ticket!Thomas Hobbs
  17. Team is not PAID!Julia Eubanks
  18. Team is PAID!Golden Ticket!Ryan Minor
  19. Team is not PAID!Noah Capistran